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00 August News & Comments
1 08-01-2005
A Half-Life 2: Lost Coast hands on. This add-on level is soon to be released through Steam. For you modders and level designers, I've uploaded some basic level design and inventory templates snaked from the book Game Level Design by Ed Byrne. They've helped me quite a bit.

00 July News & Comments
14 07-30-2005
For you Serious Sam fans, IGN is serving up a bunch of new screenshots from Croteam's first person shooter sequel.
13 07-27-2005
The latest on the Doom Movie including the teaser trailer and Doom Comic-Con Panel discussion with the cast.
12 07-20-2005
For you Mozilla Firefox and Half-Life 2 fans, a " Forums Menu Extension. Of course...I installed it.
11 07-19-2005
The Doom movie "might not suck"!
10 07-15-2005
A fantastic Half-Life 2 machinima adaptation of the movie "A Few Good Men".
09 07-12-2005
A good opinion piece by Steve Bowler. In it, he talks about Id Software no longer being king of the hill in the FPS genre, losing out to the likes of Valve and Unreal in the engine licensing wars. I would have to agree. Id did in fact focus too much on rendering realistic environments in Doom 3 at the expense of modern FPS gameplay features. The likes of Half Life 2, Far Cry and even Halo blew Doom 3 out of the water when it came to the AI and overall gameplay layout.
08 07-11-2005
Ten new SiN screenshots from Ritual Entertainment. Uses Valve's Source engine.
07 07-11-2005
Want to see something wicked? Check out F.E.A.R. coming this fall. Be sure to view the available trailers.
06 07-10-2005
A bit on the upcoming Quake 4 release.
05 07-05-2005
A few new screenshots of Serious Sam 2. If you're new to the game, check out the official site.
04 07-04-2005
Happy 4th to my fellow Americans. The latest on the Doom 3 Movie.
03 07-03-2005
If you haven't already, check out the trailer for the upcoming Quake 4 release . If you're looking for any of the old posts, visit the 2004 BoomBoom Archives.
02 07-02-2005
Latest Doom 3 Linux script now available.
01 07-01-2005
Relaunch of BoomBoom. Welcome.
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