with apologizes to shawn barrett


I came across this video some time ago. Created by one Shawn Barrett; in short, a masterpiece.  At this point the band Loverboy should be paying him royalties.  No doubt sales rose as a direct result.  What I want to know is, do those amps go to 11?

hey ted, a little advice – crawl back under the rock

tube.jpg <-- Cutaway of one of the many Internet tubes. Thank god we have people like Congressman Sen. Ted Stevens protecting our interests. Check out the hilarious follow-up broadcast too. As my sis’ rightly pointed out, “Ted Stevens et al definitely understand “fluid dynamics” in them there tubes. I’m sure they consulted Al Gore, the inventor of the Internet (tubes). He probably charges a lot for consulting fees I’m guessing. But well worth it! Particularly since he is a former member of Congress and understands “their” language too.”