social engineering at its finest

social engineering at its finest

Take a close look at this receipt and tell me what you see.  I see a city which continues to increasingly drive tourism as well as new and existing businesses away.  Yet another useless tax.  Keep it up San Francisco. You’re going to end up like Illinois before too long.

Hell, what am I talking about? At least Illinois has a reason, as misguided as it is. The San Francisco legislature on the other hand; well they’re just fucking idiots.

beer… does the body good

…it does the body good.  Even if one does go overboard. A ‘few’ growlers from Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant in Palo Alto.

coming out, part 2

Worked on the master bedroom walk-in closet. Got the old carpet up, prepped it an additional 1/4 plywood and vapor barrier / sound masking material in order to put down 5/16 inch bamboo flooring.  Turned out most excellent.  More photos after the jump.

coming out


Finished a small home project today. Spent a few hours installing hardwood flooring in the guest bedroom closet. I’m pretty happy with the results.

with apologizes to shawn barrett


I came across this video some time ago. Created by one Shawn Barrett; in short, a masterpiece.  At this point the band Loverboy should be paying him royalties.  No doubt sales rose as a direct result.  What I want to know is, do those amps go to 11?

dude, you’re gettin’ fixed!


Got a Dell? Need a fix? Kinda’ cool – Dell’s “PC Checkup“, an automated tool that keeps your PC problem-free (relatively). It also reminds you how stupid you are for not keeping your system updated, yet with none of the behind the back insults of a support technician!

hey ted, a little advice – crawl back under the rock

tube.jpg <-- Cutaway of one of the many Internet tubes. Thank god we have people like Congressman Sen. Ted Stevens protecting our interests. Check out the hilarious follow-up broadcast too. As my sis’ rightly pointed out, “Ted Stevens et al definitely understand “fluid dynamics” in them there tubes. I’m sure they consulted Al Gore, the inventor of the Internet (tubes). He probably charges a lot for consulting fees I’m guessing. But well worth it! Particularly since he is a former member of Congress and understands “their” language too.”

ok, now try it without the seat


I use to do similar tricks, but they usually lasted only seconds and for some reason, I would always end up face first in front of the bike.

What’s even more amazing is the bike she uses.  It isn’t a standard BMX bike.  More of a road bike which is much higher and more difficult to maneuver. Watch as these tricks get progressively more difficult.

welcome to city 17 (what’s left of it)


It goes without saying – If you have to ask, then you don’t understand. The recently announced official website for Half-Life 2: Episode 1. The game hits stores (and Steam) on June 1st. The video says it all. God bless Valve. The A.I. in the Source engine has been bumped, providing even more realistic interaction with the NPCs. Also to be included in this release is the much touted HDRI technology.

For those interested parties, the story up to this point. More available on



A Olney, Illinois off duty police officer visiting Foster City, California over the weekend was credited for assisting in the capture of one Tonka, a.k.a. “4×4”, a vicious Bernese Mountain Dog in what local authorities are calling one of the most horrific crimes against sciurus carolinensis. More>

suck factor 10, mr. sulu!


This sums up my ex-boss pretty well. He really had our backs *cough* throughout my last two years.   A real *hack* team leader *choke*.   I mean really, just because you play a team sport doesn’t mean you have to be a team player, does it?  Like they say, there’s no “I” in team, but there is a “me.”

a bit-o-history


:: Some holdouts from overhaul ::

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